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Gardening has been high on the list of favoured hobbies, before travelling and genealogy took over a large amount of time.  Many of the floral images in this gallery are from our one acre of land containing flower and shrub beds.

Genealogy has become a year round passion.  I have been actively researching my ancestral roots for over fifteen years.  It will end only when I end.
Click on the link to  visit my genealogy web site (opens a new window).

Cooking brings joy to the kitchen and the soul.  To see the makings of a Seafood Medley on Prince Edward Island, containing, lobster, shrimp, scallops, bar clams, green onion, mushrooms and more, click here.

Travelling has provided many adventures over the years, to Britain and Europe in the distant past, and Canada’s wonderful Maritime Provinces in recent times.  A view of the Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, from a beach at Chelton P.E.I., can be seen here.

Photography has been a considerable part of my life for the past fifty plus years.  A complete move to digital cameras and lenses has opened up a whole new adventure.  With photography, other interests, such as multimedia and music, are linked.

Music can be heard during almost every hour, except for the wee hours of sleep, at home or away, be it classical, jazz, folk, celtic or bluegrass.  Click here for a mixed sample.

Web site updated 29 June 2017

With retirement...
comes precious time to expand upon one’s horizon, be it gardening, genealogy, cooking, travelling, photography, music or simply enjoying the company of a treasured spouse.  I enjoy all of the above.  

Incidentally, that is not me to the left.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.  Anon.
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