The main focus of study is within the three maritime provinces of Canada, namely Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, as well as New England and the British Isles.

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Major surnames in this research include Blanchard, Braddock, Brown, Cairns, Cannon, Clark, Coffin, Coffyn, Converse, Cory, Corey, Coy, Courtenay, Crawford, Doty, Drake, Durgan, Dyer, Fortescue, Gibson, Glover, Grenville, Hooper, Hull, Marchbank, Palmer, Read, Robins, Seaman, Slocum, Titus, Townsend, Townshend, Wallace, Walker, White, Wright.

Loyalist family names include Palmer (Marcus Sr.), Clark (John Sr.), Seaman (Jacomiah), Crawford (John Jr.), Slocum (Ebenezer), Cory/Corey (Ebenezer), Coffin (Elisha), Converse (Jesse), Cottle (Nathaniel Bradford Sr.), Hooper (Thomas Sr.), Robins (Richard), Braddock (Samuel) and Wiggins (Jacob F.).

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Book Launch featuring David Walker, Margaret Hetherington and Their Descendants, from Dumfriesshire, Scotland, to Prince Edward Island and Beyond. Click on the book cover image to view descriptions and sample pages.

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