Roman Numeral Converter

During the course of genealogical research we often come across documents, books and bibles that use Roman Numerals to depict a year of publication.Use the converter below to convert from Roman Numeral to Arabic Numeral, or vice versa. At the bottom of this page is a brief explanation of the Roman Numeral system.

This is a utility that converts Decimal numbers into Roman Numerals and vice-versa. It operates correctly across OS's and browsers. It also corrects Roman Numerals where necessary.

In modern usage Roman Numerals are written with the largest values to the left, such as LVI (56). The values of two adjacent identical numerals are added, such as XX (20). Multiples of the same numeral do not exceed three. A numeral that is "out of order", i.e. appearing to the left of a larger numeral, has its value subtracted from the larger value, such as IX (9). A year such as 1469 would be written as MCDLXIX.