"No apology is necessary in the case of anyone who wishes to write a family history."

From an essay on how to write a family history, by James Balfour Paul (1846-1931), the officer responsible for heraldry in Scotland from 1890 until the end of 1926.

"When you see a tombstone you see a birth date, a hyphen and a death date.  We have no control over the birth or death dates.  But we do have control over the hyphen.  That is where we live our lives."  Cancer survivor Kevin Bloodworth.

"I don't know who my grandfather was.  I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will become."  Abraham Lincoln.

"A man's life does not begin, nor does it end, with himself.  His life is but a link, unless he wills it to be otherwise, between all the generations that went before and those that come after."  A. L. Rowse, from Sir Richard Grenville of the Revenge.

This web site was created and is maintained by David Arthur Walker, 3rd great-grandson of David Walker & Margaret Hetherington, of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, and 3rd great-grandson of Marcus Palmer Sr. and Nancy Ann Slocum, of Hampstead, Queens Co., New Brunswick, his two direct paternal and maternal lines.

The main focus of study is within the three maritime provinces of Canada (namely Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), New England and the British Isles. Major surnames in this research include
Blanchard, Braddock, Brown, Cairns, Cannon, Clark, Coffin, Coffyn, Converse, Cory, Corey, Coy, Courtenay, Crawford, Doty, Drake, Durgan, Dyer, Fortescue, Gibson, Glover, Grenville, Hooper, Hull, Marchbank, Palmer, Read, Robins, Robbins, Seaman, Slocum, Titus, Townsend, Townshend, Wallace, Walker, White, Wright.

Loyalist family names include Palmer (Marcus Sr.), Clark (John Sr.), Seaman (Jacomiah), Crawford (John Jr.), Slocum (Ebenezer), Cory/Corey (Ebenezer), Coffin (Elisha), Converse (Jesse), Cottle (Nathaniel Bradford Sr.), Hooper (Thomas Sr.), Robins (Richard), Braddock (Samuel) and Wiggins (Jacob F.).

Refer to the Surnames page for more geographical detail.

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